News (1st Feb 2021):  Due to exceptional demand for firewood the availability of delivery slots is currently limited, and we are now fully booked until March.    1m3 and 2m3 deliveries are currently only available on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Please book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.  Unfortunately small nets of logs are temporarily unavailable.    


COVID 19 UPDATE (2nd November 2020):  As an essential service we are able to continue to deliver logs through the lockdown period.  We have set up an online booking and payment  system to allow for contact-less deliveries.  You can now book your time-slot via the link at the bottom of this page.   Where possible please pay via the website, but if this is not possible you can reserve your slot and you can pay cash on the day.  We will then deliver keeping a 2m distance and using the current Government guidance at all times.

We produce our firewood through the sustainable management and coppicing of the Woodlands at Hylands and other local woods, using our heavy horses as the primary method of extracting the timber.  This is possibly the most environmentally sensitive and wildlife friendly way of producing timber, and proceeds from the sales of the wood go towards helping to look after our rare-breed horses and further management of our local Woodlands, which will help protect them for future generations.

As the logs have minimal transportation, and have been naturally seasoned under cover, they have a very small carbon footprint in their production.   

Our firewood is all quality hardwoods including hornbeam, ash, oak, hazel and sycamore, all of which are excellent for burning and suitable for open fires and wood burners.  It is cut at least 18 months before sale and split and seasoned under cover and only sold when it is safely dry for burning.  Burning wet wood is inefficient and polluting, and our logs won't leave the yard until they are under 20% moisture content, avoiding the use of a kiln as far as possible by using the wind and the sun to naturally and sustainably dry your fuel.

We deliver loose logs in approximately 1 cubic metre loads for £95 (inc VAT), or approximately 2 cubic metre for £190 (inc VAT) with free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Hylands Park and this includes a free bag of kindling.   This area is shown below, and please only book online if you are inside this zone.  If you are outside of this area we may still be able to deliver to you for a small fee, but please email us for a quote.


Our logs are cut to approximately 25cm (10 inches) and split to a size that is suitable for all but the smallest of log burners.  There will be a range of sizes within the load to give you logs that are suitable for starting your fire and larger ones for a longer burn.  These transported in 4 "Barrow Bags" that allow us to deliver them directly into your back garden, garage, shed or similar.  We can then empty the bags as the most convenient point for you, and avoids the common problem of having logs tipped on your driveway and you then having to move them again.   


However if you have a particualrly small wood burner, or you feel that 1m3 is too much, we can also provide log nets.  These are smaller and more regularly sized logs and are also ideal for chimeneas or pizza ovens.  These are available in deliveries of 15 or 25 at a time at a cost of £6 each with free delivery in the same zone (3/12/20: Temporarily Unavailable due to exceptional demand - we will have more back in stock soon).


We aim to make the whole process as smooth and as easy for you as possible, and we are just an email or call  away if you have any questions.


You can now order and pay online using the link below, selecting a 1 hour delivery slot that is suitable for you. The delivery slot is 1 hour from the time you chose, so a for example a 5pm delivery may arrive anytime between 5pm and 6pm.  We do ask that you are home for the first delivery that we make to you, but after this we can deliver when you are not home for future orders if you pay via the website.  Please use the delivery notes to give details to help us find you if your property is difficult to find or give any other details, or let us know if you are going to be out.

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