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Hylands Estate Open Day Carriage Rides

Hylands House and Estate have a regular open day all year round, where the House is open to the public and there are many events and activities for you to participate in. For more information take a look at their website on Here

As part of this day we will be providing public Carriage Rides out in front of Hylands House (subject to weather and ground conditions).  These will run between 11am and 3pm at £4 per person for a short ride near Hylands House. Dates are as Follows;

Sunday 18 June

Sunday 16 July

Sunday 20 August

Sunday 17 September

Sunday 15 October

Sunday 19 November

Sunday 17 December – with the Christmas Farmers’ & Craft Market

For dates of all our other Carriage Rides go to our Carriage Rides page here.

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